Mastering the Lock

Mastering the Lock - Ebook

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Picking a lock is simpler than you think.

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In fact, it’s actually kind of scary how easy it is to pick the type of locks most people use to secure their things - just about anyone can do it in less than an hour, even without real lock picking tools or prior experience.

All it takes is the right knowledge and some basic “equipment” you can make yourself in minutes.

Ready to learn how? 

  1. Why sloppy manufacturing tolerances make it easy to open 90% of all locks (and why you should purchase expensive ones for your home)
  2. How to systematically pick your first lock in less than an hour (it’s easy once you’ve done #1 and learned #2)
  3. What’s legal and what’s not (each state has different laws and regulations regarding lock picking tools)



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